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Top 5 Reasons to Clean with Steam

Goodbye dirty world.

Steam offers a ton of benefits over conventional cleaning. One of the most attractive reasons to use steam is that it cleans with water. Here are our 5 favorite reasons to use steam to clean and disinfect the home: 1. Steam cleans, sanitizes and deodorizes Steam cleaning kills 99.9 percent of bacteria, germs and dust mites. This includes E. coli, Staph bacteria, Salmonella and other micro-organisms, surface molds, bacteria, viruses and other dirty things lurking around the house. Water has to be heated to 175 degrees for it to effectively sanitize. All HAAN units heat water in excess of 212 degrees which is the temperature … Continue reading

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Use Steam for a Healthy, Green Clean

So fresh and so green clean.

If your daily-cleaning routine includes multiple bottles of cleaners, you may actually be doing more harm than good. Cleaning with traditional household cleaners can fill the air, and your body, with harmful toxins and leave chemical residue on surfaces that build up over time. For safety, the Environmental Protection Agency recommends that consumers avoid breathing vapors from household cleaners by opening all windows and doors and using an exhaust fan. After cleaning, the agency says that treated surfaces should be rinsed well to remove all traces of chemicals. Who has time to clean the house once to remove dirt and then again to remove chemicals? … Continue reading

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Steam is a Safe Way to Clean Children’s Toys

Baby with toys

Children are a joy, but let’s face it, they are pretty gross too. You don’t realize until you have kids, what disgusting things you will be cleaning. Steam is a versatile tool to have around if you’ve got children. It simultaneously cleans and sanitizes safely without the use of chemicals. Check out all the ways the folks around the HAAN office use their steam cleaners to get rid of the dirt, grime and odors caused by their kids. Diaper Pails Steam the top and inside of the pails to keep germs and bacteria from growing and to keep odor at bay. High Chairs Who knew … Continue reading

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