How do You Clean the Air?

Peeling away dust.

Sounds like a strange question, we all spend a lot of our time indoors, so air quality is important.

A home is sealed with insulation and vapor barriers, making it easy for allergens, bacteria, mold and chemicals to build up. Especially in winter, we end up breathing stale air that is full of chemicals, bacteria and airborne allergens. Luckily there are plenty of ways to refresh the air in your home.

Can’t I just spray the air clean? You could… but you might just be adding to the pollution. In a 2006 study, the Natural Resources Defense Council assessed the contents of scented sprays, gels, and plug-in air fresheners, as the contents do not have to be disclosed to consumers. Independent lab testing confirmed the presence of phthalates, hormone-disrupting chemicals that may pose a hazard to children and pregnant women and can harm the reproductive system, in 12 of the 14 products tested—including those labeled as all natural and unscented.

Ways to help improve indoor air quality:

1. Open a window
This is the easiest way to exchange the air in the home. Plus, it’s free! For allergy sufferers, this may not be feasible in the spring and fall. There are other things that can be done to increase the quality of indoor air.

2. Change air filters
This is often neglected. When furnace and air-conditioning systems use dirty filters, it isn’t as efficient and, instead of filtering, it circulates dust, mold and allergens throughout the home.

3. Maintain ductwork and HVAC system
Over time, duct work becomes filled with debris that easily can be removed by a professional. Dirty duct work harbors contaminants which can be redistributed throughout a home. Calling a professional to check and maintain the HVAC system will ensure that it is operating at peak efficiency, air exchange and comfort levels are optimal, and no harmful chemicals or fumes are being leaked into the air.

4. Buy houseplants
You can’t get any simpler—or prettier—than this! Houseplants oxygenate the air and pull gasses and chemicals, such as carbon dioxide and formaldehyde, out of the air.

According to NASA (yep, NASA studied this) these are some of the best plants to clean indoor air:

  • english ivy
  • spider plant
  • golden pothos
  • peace lily
  • Chinese evergreen
  • bamboo palm
  • snake plant
  • heartleaf philodendron
  • red-edged dracaena
  • weeping fig
  • gerbera daisy
  • pot mum
  • rubber plant
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2 Responses to How do You Clean the Air?

  1. William H. (Bill) Sims says:

    I asked at a pharmacy for something to use to kill bedbugs or other varmints in an old fashioned ‘full’ size mattress.

  2. Nancy Frye says:

    Will my Haan SI-70 clean lime off of my shower ? If so what is the best way to do this?

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