Daily Cleaning Habits


Some days I really do not feel like cleaning. Scratch that, some weeks! I bet you know what I am talking about, you had a busy week of running the kids from one activity to the next, taking care of a sick dog and lets not forget about your crazy week at work! Well, whatever it is that makes you not feel like cleaning, trust me, you are not alone. I have found that doing little things daily help ease the hassle of one day cleaning. Here is my list that I do daily:

1. Never leave a room empty handed

2. Contain food eating to the kitchen and dining room

3. Go to sleep with a clean kitchen

4. Make the bed every morning

5. Clean as you go

6. Load the dishwasher at night, unload in the morning

7. Wash 1 load of laundry daily

8. Have a cleaning schedule

Hopefully this short list helps ease the stress of cleaning! I would love to hear if you have any additions to my daily checklist!


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3 Responses to Daily Cleaning Habits

  1. sam says:

    I am interested in a steam mop but I am concerned about using it on my new laminate floor. Is there a better model for laminate? Will it get to hot and separate the laminate?

    • haan says:

      All of our steam mops are safe to use on laminate floors. A floor protector mat is included with all of our floor steamers and should be used when your steamer is not in motion. If the mat is not used while turned on and standing still, this could possibly do harm to your floor. We always recommend checking with your flooring manufacturer.

  2. Hi, I use all your tips, except “Never leave a room empty handed”. It’s perhaps a good idea… But welcome to hell. I also want to enjoy my life at home. I have one tip to add, quickly clean the bathroom before to go.

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