Introduction to Steam Cleaning


If you currently use the traditional mop and bucket method for cleaning your floors and are curious about the benefits of using a steam mop then look no further. More and more households are recognizing the convenience of having a steam cleaner in their home. Using pure water and smart technology the HAAN steam cleaner provides chemical free, natural, safe and environmentally friendly home cleaning. It really is as simple as filling your device with water and plugging in! The machine then gets to work with the steam jets evenly dispersing up to 212°F of steam across the pad onto your floors. HAAN steam cleaners … Continue reading

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Cleaning Is Good For You!


  There are numerous benefits of keeping a clean and sanitized home. It’s not just a ‘nice to have’, a clean home is necessary for good health and the actual act of cleaning is good for both mental and physical wellbeing! Check out these 7 benefits and get yourself in the cleaning mood this January! A healthier family The main and most obvious benefit of a clean home is the health factor. Keeping your home clean can help prevent illness, allergies and even asthma. By cleaning regularly you eliminate any unwanted bacteria, bugs, mold and mildew that can all potentially be very harmful. Rather than … Continue reading

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Happy New Year! Happy New Pads!


Start the new year with a spring in your step! Now the rush of Christmas and new year is over it’s time to open up the cleaning cupboard and prepare for the big Spring clean! Getting rid of 99.9% of common household germs, bacteria, viruses, dust mites and bedbugs, steam cleaning is a great place to start and is sure to give you a head start on your cleaning for 2016. No matter how good your steam mop, it’s only as good as your pads so ensure yours are up to the job. With the right care pads can last several hundred times, however here are … Continue reading

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Tips And Tricks That Will Take Your Home From Everyday To Oh-So Festive In No Time At All


From cleaning, decorating and getting organized to shopping, prepping and entertaining friends and family, the festive season comes with a super long list of to-dos. With Christmas fast approaching we’ve pulled together a list of easy and cost effective tips and tricks that will take your home from everyday to oh-so festive in no time at all. Working room-by-room our helpful guide offers 50 ways to get your home holiday-ready. Keep checking back as we will add a new room every few days. Let the count down begin! Living Room 1. Replace lighter throws and cushion covers with thicker, warmer winter alternatives in rich, festive colours … Continue reading

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Easy Peasy Cleaning This Thanksgiving


Roast turkey, candied yams, giant balloons and American football – it’s that time of year again! Thanksgiving Day is traditionally a day for families and friends to get together for a special meal and to give thanks for what we all have. It’s a very special day and one to be enjoyed. If you’re hosting this year you will be getting ready for the whirlwind of preparing your home, cooking the meal and greeting guests. As host you invariably want your house to be spic and span, the food to be delicious and everyone to relax in the comfort of your home. Hosting therefore means alot … Continue reading

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Scrubbing Steamers Can Cut Your Housework by Half


Flooring in areas of high traffic such as kitchens, bathrooms, porches and hallways get very dirty very quickly and require regular cleaning to keep them spic and span. Lots of households still use a traditional mop and bucket to clean these hard floors, however use of a scrubbing steamer is far more effective and far more time efficient. You will get cleaner floors in less time – now who doesn’t want that?! And it’s not just about the dirt you can see. Steam cleaners reach temperatures in excess of 212° which is hot enough to kill 99.9% of household germs and bacteria. So as well as … Continue reading

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Our Top Ten Household Jobs for Your Steam Cleaner


Steam cleaners come in all shapes and sizes from portable hand-held steamers, to upright steam mops to scrubbing steam machines and whatever your household job there is a HAAN steamer to suit. Whether you want to valet your car, scrub your deck, sanitize your bathroom or simply keep your hard floors super clean, steamers reduce the time and effort needed to keep your home clean and hygienic considerably. Reaching temperatures in excess of 212°F steamers offer powerful one-step cleaning and kill 99.9% of all household germs and bacteria on the spot and all without the need for harsh and damaging chemicals! Here’s are top ten … Continue reading

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August Refresh – Daily Cleaning Plan Week 4 – Hallway and Utility


Welcome to week 4, the final week of our August refresh daily cleaning plan. This plan was designed to help you clean and clear your home a little bit at a time throughout August so that with minimal time and effort your home will be lovely and sparkly before the busy back to school period gets started. Week 4 is focused on your hallway and utility room; areas which are both high traffic and high maintenance. If you missed week 1, which focused on the kitchen please click here to view. For week 2 , which focused on the bathroom please click here to view and … Continue reading

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August Refresh – Daily Cleaning Plan Week 3 – Living Spaces

living room

Welcome to week 3 of our August refresh daily cleaning plan. By following this plan your home will be clear of clutter and lovely and clean before back to school comes round. The plan has been designed to allow for minimal cleaning time and effort every day – little and often is the name of the game. Week 3 is focused on your living spaces which covers living rooms, dining rooms, dens and home offices. If you missed week 1, which focused on the kitchen please click here to view. For week 2 , which focused on the bathroom please click here to view. Like … Continue reading

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Be Ready for September with our Back to School Checklist


Move over, summer – a new school year is coming! With the start of September and the return to school and work, families face new organization challenges. School bells ring, and so do early-morning alarm clocks. Paper piles swell as hand-outs and homework stream into the house. Shorter autumn days bring a hectic round of sports, activities and events, and calendars fill up fast in the run up to holiday season! Get organized now for the best school year ever! Use our handy back to school checklist to prepare your home and family for the busy days ahead. Get Organised complete medical forms register for school set a … Continue reading

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