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A New Year, A New You

A New Year, A New You The New Year is finally here and I am sure many resolutions have been made and am almost positive that nearly all of them will be broken. At least mine always seem to be.  To guarantee you will follow through with your resolutions, make sure they are realistic and attainable. Write down your pledge and put it somewhere you can be reminded of it frequently. Maybe you want to place it on your refrigerator, in your cell phone or tablet, or even next to your bed on the night stand. Where ever it may be, daily reminders are great … Continue reading

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Winding up, Winding Down

With all of the thought, planning and preparation for your holiday parties, it’s hard to imagine doing it all over again a week later. What may seem like an impossible task of throwing a New Years Eve party can surprisingly be easy and successful. To make things simple give a personal invitation to your party by simply calling or texting your guests, for the internet savvy, create a Facebook event to invite your friends. Try to begin your party no earlier than 8:30 or 9pm; this will give you plenty of time to prepare. For a quick and easy clean around the house use your … Continue reading

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Getting ready for the Holiday Storm

Getting ready for the Holiday Storm With many holiday parties and family get-togethers happening this month there is a whirlwind of things that need to get accomplished – shopping, decorating, cooking, traveling and let’s not forget, cleaning. All of which can be extremely stressful. To help eliminate stress, make sure you get plenty of rest as well as eat right and exercise. Now, we all know that this might be hard with all of the holiday treats, but don’t forget about your fruits and vegetables. Too many fats and sugars can give you less energy and make you feel run down, not to mention the … Continue reading

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Getting Ready for Holiday Treats

The holidays are a great time to get together with friends and family and enjoy all of the holiday treats, my favorite being cookies. I like to give out tasty cookies and candies to my family and friends as gifts, as well as eat them! Now, I am no master baker so every once in a while I have a cookie mishap, burning the bottom of the cookies. This not only ruins my cookies but my cookie sheets as well. Here are some tips I learned over the years to avoid this disaster. Before you start to bake it would be a good idea to … Continue reading

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Save $15 on Haan’s Mango All Pro Steamer

Haan’s Allpro hand held steamer is on sale for a limited time. Save $15 off the regular price! Clean and sanitize just about any household surface with HAAN’s Allpro portable handheld steamer. This unit is light weight, versatile and addictive – you’ll be looking for things to clean! Use Easy Control Trigger or Continuous Steam Lock to clean everything from kitchen countertops to hard-to-clean corners of the bathroom. The AllPro even includes a garment and upholstery attachment to smooth and deodorize clothes and household fabrics. Benefits of Cleaning With Steam One-step Cleaning: Steaming cleans and sanitizes in one simple step. No bucket and no chemical … Continue reading

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Getting your garden and garage ready for winter

Using steam cleaners to get your garden and garage ready for winter

The leaves are turning colors and falling from the trees.  It’s time to start thinking about getting your garden and garage ready for hibernation for the winter to come.  Here are some tips to help you prepare. The garage is a good place to start.  Lawn mowers and weed wackers are just a couple of items to look at cleaning.  You can also attack all the tools used during the summer months.  Steam cleaners can take care of greasy handles and any stubborn dirt that might be clinging around.  If you’re really ambitious, your car is the next stop.  Go after the wheel rims, floor … Continue reading

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Let steam take the scary out of your holiday!

How steam cleaners can help with Halloween cleaning

Halloween is just around the corner with trick or treaters getting ready to come knocking.  Is your house ready for all those ghost, goblins, witches, Disney princesses and action heroes to stop over?  Steam can help get you ready in ways you may not have imagined! First, let’s talk about the decorations.  One of the favorite activities is pumpkin carving but what a mess it can create!  When you take out all the insides of the pumpkin, there always seems to be some that drops on the floor.  And if you don’t get to it right away – and who does? – it becomes dried … Continue reading

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Steam Away the Grill Grime

Steam clean away the grill grime

The briskness is coming back into the air and days are getting shorter.  Sadly, the grilling season is coming to a close and it’s time to think about winterizing your grill for storage.  By cleaning it before storing it for the season, you can avoid any nasty surprises when you take it out next spring.  It’s not a fun task but steam cleaners can make it a lot easier!  If you have a gas grill, make sure the gas is turned off before you begin.  If it’s a charcoal one, remove all the briquettes or lava rocks that may be there.  We don’t want to … Continue reading

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