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Everything AND the Kitchen Sink

The Haan AllPro HS-20

In many households, the kitchen is the hub for daily activity. Naturally, your kitchen sink takes a beating as a result of being in the busiest room in your home. When you think of your sink, you probably think of it as primarily a place to dump your dirty dishes and get them clean (or at least give them a pre-wash prior to dumping them into the dishwasher). But think of all of the other activities you perform in your sink….maybe you defrost frozen chicken there, wash the kids muddy hands there, or maybe you even bath your infant in the sink. It’s clear that … Continue reading

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Need Help Removing that Outdated Wallpaper Border?

Festive fruit trimming your kitchen, antique books surrounding your home office or maybe even seashells in your bathroom…a wallpaper border is a great way to add some design flare. But what happens when it’s time to change up the décor and take down that border that used to put the finishing touches to your favorite room? In my case, it was the whimsical princesses that previously turned a young girl’s bedroom into a scene right out of a fairy tale. Needless to say, those princesses weren’t a great fit for my new guest room and they had to go. I had one friend suggest a … Continue reading

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Take the Chore Out of Cleaning Your Grill

Gunk free is the way to be

As the end of summer quickly approaches, one final cook-out might be in order. So as you go to pull out the grill for a Labor Day celebration, pull out your HAAN to keep your grill at its’ cleanest, your burgers at their tastiest and your guests at their happiest. Getting the gunk off grill grates is no fun. It takes a lot of scrubbing to loosen charred food and cut through grease. Attach the wire brush attachment to your HAAN AllPro or Complete and the grease and charred chunks will start to fall away. If you have a steam mop, try steaming over the … Continue reading

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Steam is a Safe Way to Clean Children’s Toys

Baby with toys

Children are a joy, but let’s face it, they are pretty gross too. You don’t realize until you have kids, what disgusting things you will be cleaning. Steam is a versatile tool to have around if you’ve got children. It simultaneously cleans and sanitizes safely without the use of chemicals. Check out all the ways the folks around the HAAN office use their steam cleaners to get rid of the dirt, grime and odors caused by their kids. Diaper Pails Steam the top and inside of the pails to keep germs and bacteria from growing and to keep odor at bay. High Chairs Who knew … Continue reading

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