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Save $15 on Haan’s Mango All Pro Steamer

Haan’s Allpro hand held steamer is on sale for a limited time. Save $15 off the regular price! Clean and sanitize just about any household surface with HAAN’s Allpro portable handheld steamer. This unit is light weight, versatile and addictive – you’ll be looking for things to clean! Use Easy Control Trigger or Continuous Steam Lock to clean everything from kitchen countertops to hard-to-clean corners of the bathroom. The AllPro even includes a garment and upholstery attachment to smooth and deodorize clothes and household fabrics. Benefits of Cleaning With Steam One-step Cleaning: Steaming cleans and sanitizes in one simple step. No bucket and no chemical … Continue reading

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A happy HAAN for a happy (clean) home: Maintenance Tips

Tips to lenghten the life of your steamer.

We LOVE to clean with steam.  If you share our sentiment then you probably steam clean weekly, or even daily.  While HAAN steam cleaners are engineered to stringent quality standards there are a few care and maintenance steps that can be taken to ensure your steam cleaner stays in top working order. First and foremost HAAN cannot stress enough how important it is to use only water with your steam cleaner.  Never add a cleaning agent to the water tank.  Doing so can result in a cracked water tank or product malfunction.  Oh no!  Pure heated water can clean and sanitize just as well as … Continue reading

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