Steaming for Man’s Best Friend

Recently HAAN donated an SI-40 Agile to For the Love of Pits®, a not-for-profit organization that focuses on rescuing Pit Bulls. For the Love of Pits® hosts an annual “Pasta for Pits” dinner and silent auction. This year we are happy to report they raised approximately $7,500 that will go towards rescuing Pit Bulls and education efforts.

Here are the kind words that For the Love of Pits® President, Shana Klein sent to HAAN:


On behalf of For the Love of Pits®, thank you so very much for supporting our Fourth Annual Pasta for Pits. Because of the dogs we choose to help, we do not receive much support and there are no words to properly express our appreciation and gratitude to HAAN for its support and kindness.

HAAN’s generous gift of the HAAN Agile SI-40 and package of extra pads was on of our favorite silent auction items. With your gift, our organization raised approximately $7,500 for our life-saving and educational efforts.

While according to the IRS regulations HAAN will not be permitted to declare the value of its donation from our acknowledgment, we can say that, for your generosity we likely would have had to expend approximately $135 for what HAAN graciously gave us as an In-Kind contribution. These are dollars saved, which we are able to apply directly to save the lives of sweet dogs who otherwise would have never experienced the kindness of humans.

Thank you so very, very much for your support. We have always loved HAAN products and will continue to share our support of the products publicly.


Shana Klein

President, For the Love of Pits®

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