Power and Finesse in May Issue of InStyle

instyle_si75_articleTake a peek inside the May issue of InStyle magazine under the “Dust Off Your Spring Cleaning” feature and you’ll see a short but sweet write-up about the HAAN Power & Finesse – “Full Steam Ahead”!

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2 Responses to Power and Finesse in May Issue of InStyle

  1. joan bass says:

    A few yers ago I researched the new steam mops. I found that Haan had the MOST steam holes on the bottom of the unit then any other steam mop. I purchased the yellow model of which now is retired and let me tell you HAAN IS THE BEST. My area is the kitchen that flows into the dining room that flow into the utility room thus leaving a 50 foot long stretch by 15 foot wide all the way. AND HAAN did the job each and every time. Reason of buying the HAAN steam mop=4 dogs AND NO CHEMICALS. I now have purchased the Multiforce Plus and can’t wait to use it. Thank you HAAN.

    • haan says:

      Joan, We are so glad to hear that you are enjoying your Haan! Once you use your Multiforce Plus, feel free to leave a review.

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