More Magazine Features Detailed Article About Romi Haan

When the world says no

Romi Haan couldn’t get anyone to buy into her invention.  But she pushed through failure – and now runs a thriving global business.

Romi Haan knew becoming an entrepreneur was risky.  It meant navigating her father’s disapproval, abandoning her secure and prestigious career at South Korea’s Ministry of Education and accepting the social isolation that went with being a woman in the male-dominated Korean business world.  But she never imagined that the challenges would include facing down a man who brought an ax to a meeting.

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3 Responses to More Magazine Features Detailed Article About Romi Haan

  1. Olivia Lane says:

    This is such an inspiring story!

  2. Michele Simoneau says:

    Last week I read the article in More and this weekend found a Haan steam mop! Bought one Sunday and tried it out!
    I am so glad I saw this as its a great appliance!!!! Thanks goodness Romi continued to believe in her product!
    I’m just sorry I had not heard about this before though. The store I bought mine in had a sale and I was lucky enough to
    grab the last one!!! I’ll be spreading the word. Hope HAAN is on Facebook. If you’re not you need to be!

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