Scrubbing Steamers Can Cut Your Housework by Half

no-more-moppingFlooring in areas of high traffic such as kitchens, bathrooms, porches and hallways get very dirty very quickly and require regular cleaning to keep them spic and span. Lots of households still use a traditional mop and bucket to clean these hard floors, however use of a scrubbing steamer is far more effective and far more time efficient. You will get cleaner floors in less time – now who doesn’t want that?!

And it’s not just about the dirt you can see. Steam cleaners reach temperatures in excess of 212° which is hot enough to kill 99.9% of household germs and bacteria. So as well as looking clean you can rest assured that your floors are also completely sanitized.

Granted mops and buckets are cheap buy and easy to use, however taking a closer look at wet mopping reveals several negative points that a scrubbing steamer can overcome:

  • mops and buckets are inexpensive to buy but as they are cheaply made they do require regular replacement which along with the cost of expensive detergents adds to the overall cost over the years
  • wet mopping will normally take double the time and require twice as much effort when competed to a scrubbing steamer
  • wet mopping requires a bucket of water which is cumbersome and heavy to lug with you from room to room as you clean
  • instead of removing the dirt mopping dilutes and spreads the dirt in other adjacent areas
  • the water or the solution in the bucket must be changed often during cleaning because dipping a mop in a bucket of unclean water and then distributing all over the floor will spread dirt, germs and bacteria
  • to sanitize floors using a mop you will need to use a detergent containing bleach. These ingredients are extremely harmful and may get left behind on your floor which can be a potential hazard to small children and pets
  • wet mopped floors have a much longer drying time than steam mopped floors meaning you need to ban your family from rooms while they dry. Wet floors are always dangerous and can increase the risk of accidents and mishaps.

We’re all busy and have less time to spend on household chores so give a scrubbing steamer a whirl and cut your cleaning time and effort in half!

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