Introduction to Steam Cleaning


If you currently use the traditional mop and bucket method for cleaning your floors and are curious about the benefits of using a steam mop then look no further. More and more households are recognizing the convenience of having a steam cleaner in their home. Using pure water and smart technology the HAAN steam cleaner provides chemical free, natural, safe and environmentally friendly home cleaning.

It really is as simple as filling your device with water and plugging in! The machine then gets to work with the steam jets evenly dispersing up to 212°F of steam across the pad onto your floors. HAAN steam cleaners have been proven to kill up to 99.9% of common household germs, viruses and even dust mites in just one second without the use of potentially toxic chemicals.

Maintenance of your mops are just as easy (and as cheap) as the use. Just keep on top of changing your HAAN pads and you will enjoy years of easy cleaning. There is no need to buy anything other than the pads for the machine. All you need is water and somewhere to plug the machine into; it really is as simple as that!

Steam mops are the best possible option to get your floors as clean as humanly possible. This week, take advantage of a massive 50% OFF the HAAN Slim and Light Steam Mop with coupon code JAN50 and feel the benefits of steam cleaning for yourself!

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