Protect Yourself During Cold and Flu Season

Many people think that cold and flu season starts in the winter. My stuffed up nose and scratchy throat however indicates that it started right around the time the kids go back to school. As the weather gets cooler we are all forced to spend more time cooped up inside in around those fresh from the schoolyard germs.
So how do we eliminate cold and flu germs around the house? Use your hand-held steam cleaner to sanitize door knobs, light switches, faucets, counters and all the other common surfaces that are touched by everyone in the family. Attach your steam mop’s Carpet Glide to sanitize throw pillows and cushions in living areas.
Don’t forget to sanitize electronics that the family shares—remotes, cell phones, iPods. Don’t use steam for this job. A lint-free cloth or cotton swab moistened with rubbing alcohol will help keep germs at bay.
Consumer Reports published a good article on cleaning electronics. Check it out here.
Here at HAAN, we love steam but we know it can’t fix all of your household messes. We use our blog to help educate our valued customers on a variety of issues that impact everyday life. If you have useful tips for staying healthy during cold and flu season, let us know! We love your comments.

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