Can Steam Kill Dust Mites?

Dust mites marching.

Yes it can!

What are dust mites
Microscopic bugs that live in warm, humid environments. Since they feast on dead skin cells, dust mites thrive in the home, particularly on bed clothes, upholstery and in carpet.

Dust mite allergies
Having a dust mite allergy is similar to having hay fever year round. Symptoms of the allergy can be minor, such as a runny nose, or major, like severe asthma attacks. Rather than being allergic to the bug itself, allergy suffers react to proteins found in dust mite carcasses and feces.

How to control and kill dust mites
According to the Mayo Clinic, dust mites die when blasted by 130-degree heat. HAAN units heat in excess of 212 degrees, leaving little hope for survival. Testing has shown that it takes just 1 second for a HAAN steamer to kill 99.9% of dust mites.  Remember, it is dust mite bodies and feces that cause allergies, so after steaming vacuum the area well and at least once a week vacuum thoroughly.

In addition to using a steam mop and vacuum, run a dehumidifier, chose solid surface flooring over carpeting, change bed clothes weekly, use allergen-proof bed covers, don’t keep unnecessary pillows and throws on furniture, and steam upholstery, carpets, bedding and other soft surfaces to kill dust mites.

Children are particularly susceptible to dust mite allergies, so wash and steam stuffed animals and blankies regularly.

All HAAN steamers, when used with soft surface attachments and/or carpet glides, are ideal for killing and controlling dust mites.

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One Response to Can Steam Kill Dust Mites?

  1. Barbara says:

    Steaming with the Haan is a great benefit to allergy sufferers. I was diagnosed several years ago with “allergy symptoms”. Testing revealed no allergies but I have symptoms that are triggered by numerous things in the environment. I have always slept with an air purifier and changed bedding frequently. I had no idea that part of my suffering could be due to dust mites. The day my Haan arrived I steamed all the carpeting, bedding and sitting surfaces in my house. It made an immediate difference. Now a rarely sleep with the air purifier running and have reduced the amount of allery medication I take.
    What a great invention. It has made such an improvment in my health.

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