Getting your garden and garage ready for winter

Using steam cleaners to get your garden and garage ready for winter

The leaves are turning colors and falling from the trees.  It’s time to start thinking about getting your garden and garage ready for hibernation for the winter to come.  Here are some tips to help you prepare.

The garage is a good place to start.  Lawn mowers and weed wackers are just a couple of items to look at cleaning.  You can also attack all the tools used during the summer months.  Steam cleaners can take care of greasy handles and any stubborn dirt that might be clinging around.  If you’re really ambitious, your car is the next stop.  Go after the wheel rims, floor mats, seats, steering wheel and trunk area with a steam cleaner to sterilize and refresh your ride.  

Moving onto your garden, consider everything that needs to move inside for the winter.  That list probably includes patio furniture, fountains, bird feeders and maybe even lawn decorations.  Those flamingos may want some more cover from the snow.  I know I would.  Using a portable handheld steamer can help you prepare those items for storage.  Running it over and around the pieces, even the cushions, will kill the bacteria and germs that might be lingering so they don’t multiply during winter storage. 

Once you’re done moving everything inside, you may be able to see where you left everything all summer or dragged into storage.  On sealed surfaces like cement, tile or garage floors, you can use a floor scrubbing steamer to get up the caked-on dirt and grime before more is packed on under the leaves and snow.  Then store your steamer, kick up your feet and enjoy the season.


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  1. Elham says:

    Cleaning the garden and garage for winter. It is so nice for me when I remove all the yard and garage waste and then have a clean place.

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