Back to School Tips

Back_to_schoolFinally, the day is here! You may have been waiting all summer long to send your kids back to school or you may have been dreading sending them to school. Whatever your situation is, the time as come. It is always hard to transition your kids and sometimes yourself, into that back to school mode. Here are some tips to help everyone prepare.

1. Sleep Schedule. Slowly get back into the routine of going to bed and waking up early. Start by going to bed and waking up 15 minutes earlier until you reach your “school” start time. By doing this gradually rather than all at once, will help eliminate grumpy kids (and parents) the first week of school.

2. Practice your morning routine. To cut back on the number of late days the first week of school, practice your morning routine. This means getting up, packing lunches, making/eating breakfast, brushing teeth, packing your school bag, etc.

3. Mealtime routine. Over the summer you have the ability to eat breakfast, lunch and have a snack whenever you want, once school starts this all changes. Try to get in the habit of scheduling lunch and snack time around your child’s school schedule.

4. Get Organized. The first week of school is usually filled with a ton of take home papers and forms that need to be filled out and returned, have a designated area for them. Another way to get organized is to start a school calendar. Use this to put on important dates like field trips, tests, sports schedules, etc.

5. Screen time. I know this may sound silly but try the best you can to schedule an hour or two of “electronic free time”. If possible, do this a few weeks before the start of the school year around the time that the kids get home. This will help everyone get in the habit of doing their homework right way and no just coming home and plopping down in front of the TV or getting on their cell phones. This is also a great time to go over any rules that you may have in regards to cell phone, video game, computer and TV usage.

6. Shopping. Try to find out what supplies your child will need before you go shopping. This way you can go through what you already have to cut back on spending.

Remember, school should be fun so encourage your kids to do the best that they can! Happy School Year!


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