Love Your Pet. Love Your Home.


If you’re the owner of a pet you will know only too well that they tend to make a lot of mess in the home, which means regular hoovering, sweeping, mopping and scrubbing is needed to remove stray hairs and ground in dirt and keep pet smalls at bay. While having a pet at home inevitably means more cleaning, a lot of common cleaning agents are not suitable for use around pets. Like humans an animal can become very ill or even die if it accidentally ingests cleaning chemicals such as bleach, ammonia, or disinfectants that contain phenols and in concentrated amounts they can also cause … Continue reading

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Steam Cleaning 101


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Toothpaste cleaning tricks

Toothpaste cleaning

Besides a dirty mouth, you can also clean different things in your house with toothpaste. A strange idea right? That’s what I thought as well until I read that toothpaste can take stains off of carpets, marks off of walls and many other things. Anyone with a young child will appreciate these facts and it’s a great way to get your kids involved in cleaning up their mess. What kid wouldn’t want to play with minty, sticky toothpaste! Below you will find my list of items to clean with toothpaste. These all involve non-gel and non whitening toothpastes. 1. Carpet Stains: Squeeze toothpaste directly onto … Continue reading

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Bone Appetit

Clean dog

I love my dog as though she were my child and I am sure if you have a pet of your own you can agree.  I mean, she basically is. I have to bathe her, play with her, take her out to go to the bathroom and most importantly feed her. Nothing makes her little tail wag more than the sound of me pouring those little food nuggets into her bowl.   Even though I think she is the most precious thing in the world, it is extremely annoying the way she eats her food! There has not been one instance where she has not … Continue reading

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Why I love my steam cleaner


A lot of people are not aware of all of the benefits of using steam. I get questions all the time from my friends and family asking if I really believe that just using water is going to clean my home. My answer is always: “yes, it most certainly is and I love my steamer!” Then I proceed to rattle off the reasons why. Well, if you are reading this blog post, you too might not be sold on why steam cleaning is one of the best cleans you can achieve. Lucky for you, I am going list my reasons why: * Steam cleaners use … Continue reading

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summer saftey tips for your pets


Now that summer is officially here, I have a few tips for you to help make sure your furry family members are safe while having fun in the sun. Most pets love being outside so it is important that they have an up to date dosage of their flea and tick medicine.  These pesky critters are more prevalent in warmer weather.  If your pet brings fleas inside you can clean off their bedding using your portable handheld steamer.  If your dog or cat has short hair or light skin and you plan on having them outside for a long period of time, they should have … Continue reading

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Cleaning tips for Pet owners


We all love our pets and want them to be happy and healthy, so why not use healthy green cleaning habits for their items as well? In a recent post, “Clean pet, clean home”, I discussed some of the damage chemicals can do to our furry family members as well as two cleaning tips, one for accidents and one for bathing. Recently, I came across some more tips that I felt I just had to share. Toys:  Plastic or rubber toys can be cleaned by making a mixture of 4 tablespoons baking soda dissolved in 1 quart of warm water. Plush toys can be washed … Continue reading

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A Clean your Animal Can Trust

Pet-Safe Cleaning

Lions, tigers and bears, oh my! Well, we aren’t really talking about those animals. More like the ones you bring into your home as a pet. Whether you have a feline friend or a canine companion, the chore of keeping a clean home can be multiplied by having a pet. It’s easy to go out to the store and pick up disinfectants, bleaches and detergents to clean up pet messes, but these chemicals can pose a danger to your pet. Imagine this; you’re a kitten walking through your master’s freshly cleaned kitchen. You notice your paws are a little wet and meander off to your … Continue reading

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