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I have a confession: I hate cleaning.

Many people assume that I must love to clean. After all, I created an entire company around the concept. The opposite is true. I hate to clean. But I love clean.

First, let me tell you a little about the Korean culture. I was born, raised and started my family—and later my company—in South Korea. In Korea, we eat seated on the floor, play on the floor and sleep on the floor. In fact, while radiant floor heat is just catching on in the US, we’ve been heating the floors in Korea for centuries. As you can imagine, having a clean floor is a priority. It doesn’t matter if you have children and a job, the floor has to be spotless. I would get out the mop and bucket twice a day. More if it was a day in which I did not work.

I was sick of cleaning the floor. I disliked chemical cleaners. I knew there had to be an easier, more efficient way to keep the floor clean. Steam was the best solution to my cleaning needs. It requires no bucket, sanitizes as it cleans and does the job without chemicals.

I’m proud that the HAAN Corporation helped to pioneer the trend towards steam cleaning. I am happy to help millions of people spend less time cleaning and I’m always looking for new and more efficient ways to clean.

I hope you enjoy the blog. Our goal is to share information about home cleaning and organization. It won’t always be about steam, but it will always be helpful. I hope you’ll chime in with the cleaning tips and tricks that work for your family!

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